Krayden's Pass Adventurers

The Star Sailor Chronicles... Lady Blu reborn

(OOC: Game night Oct 19)

Lady Blu is very happy to be alive.
Baynat admires Longwang for having revived Lady Blu from certain death.

Having rested, we decide to move on.
We enter the next room. There are strange smells in the room. Erevan smells acrid burnt flesh, damp earth, sulphur, brimestone, rot/decay, as soon as he enters.
Dax advances into room and immediately takes fire damage, then teleports & reappears with scars, black flame, consuming him.
Erevan looks to see if there is anything unique about the stones… in front of him a magic font is scrawled. It takes all of his concentration not to step on it – he felt compelled to step forward onto it.
Mappo takes a look and steps forward, suffering the same fate as Dax.
Lady Blue flies in and suffers acid damage, reappearing with vicious scars.
We discover that we must close our eyes to avoid being compelled to step forward onto the traps. We smell the stones and each has a different, distinct odor; acrid, burnt flesh, damp earth, sulphur, brimestone, rot/decay and stone… regular stone is determined to be safe.
Lady Blu instructs Lunar to sniff out a safe pathway. Lunar is successful, for the most part, and makes a clear path to a point where Lady Blue passes through a shimmery waterfall of energy & teleports away. Everyone follows.

In the next room, there is water in the centre of the room. Naturally, Mithruin jumps right in and his flames go out. He gets sucked underwater.
Arknaught, Alouudin, Mappo all sink like a rock.
The rest manage to tread water. Dax is wearing full armor and has to use his best athletic move to leverage his pickaxe to hook the edge and pull himself up.
Lady Blu suffers complete exhaustion from treading water and passes out.


(OOC: Game night Nov 2)

Room 1: Grotesque alien born figure, 2 shackle sacrifice tables
Mappo gets lashed to mechanism and if he’d been human, his bones would have been shattered.
Mouth on statue is now open.
Mappo turns into shards and teleports away
Dax gets next door open
Blast of dust, smells of the desert & sulphur
2 figures
Absorbed magic into metal armor (unknown alloy)
Dax goes in (stun) and doesn’t come back.
Alouudin enters room, when he sees figures… stunned.
Mappo stunned, Geddran stunned
Mappo sets area on fire
They die & EXPLODE!
Around corner, whole new group of creatures.
Dax attacks Lady Blu…kills her & Dax is also killed
Laughing, the baddies flip open cabinet, we see pipes come up & one of them starts playing dirgy funeral style music.

When Lady Blu is revived, they recount what transpired:

  • Mappo gave away his hand for information about the metal
  • Arknaught exchanged his heart for something stronger and better (?!)
  • Erevan was compelled to eat… with ravenous hunger. It was delicious
  • Mappo gave them the knowledge of everything that was going on in the world
  • We were all allowed to take our body weight in gold from the treasure trove. (Crap, Lady Blu is so light!)
  • We did math to figure out how much gold we could each carry (based on volume, carrying capacity & encumbrance) ouch, math is hard!
    More stuff happened when Lady Blu was passed out, but these are apparently the highlights they shared, and thankfully Lady Blu, Baynat and Lunar all still have 10 fingers and toes!
The Star Sailor Chronicles...More, oh yes, MORE!

(OOC: Game night Sept 21)
2 months later…
We have restored the monastery
Hadrian Calamus (Hayyydriaaan!) from Brothers of the Enclave comes looking for Mappo (he’s not here)
He asks to meet, he is having terrible visions. We are almost broke.
I have been working with rituals that divine different dimensions, I’ve woken with strange scrawlings in my own hand. Words repeating;
Place of power
Vast magic for the taking
seek Karavakos
I’m too frail to go on adventure by myself. You may be able to uncover the meaning. Would you be my proxies? I can offer to pay you 2,500 gold pieces & powerful items from coffers of our vault. Here is a map drawn during a fevered dream.

We agree to take on this quest.
2 weeks travel to jungle where map points to.
We prepare an equipment list and gain needed supplies.
Our plan: to travel through the forest to the jungle. from there, the map does not show further.

We make our way.

We see a hammer come flying out from the woods and it clocks Dax. Two daggers come flying out and hit Lady Blu in the shoulder, narrowly missing Erevan. We see a dragon break through the trees charging towards us. It goes to eat Erik Vi’Lar’s face.
It is killed.
2 ragged humans come out at us and three dwarves join th eattack. They fight with war hammers but are dirty, ragged & emaciated.
One of them says “Lets kill them. We can take their stuff & finally get out of here”
Erevan swings, threatens and intimates them – “What are you doing?!” he yells. They ignore him and battle on.
Baynat flattens one of the dwarves (literally lays on him) and Lady Blu intimidates him. “You are going to tell us why you are here and why you are fighting or I’ll unleash my companions upon you.”
The dwarf coughs under Baynat’s weight and utters that they are prisoners of war.
Mithruin bites him & draws some blood. Lady Blu says “See what happens when you don’t answer fast enough?”
The dwarf cries “Stop, stop attacking, we give up!”
The other dwarves try to run away & disappear into the woods, but they are slaughtered. the humans surrender. We are left with 2 humans, a dwarf and a male tiefling.

A ghost appears in the field and blasts & kills our prisoners! It says; “My friends, I’m here to help you” and then disappears.

“Hey what’s that?” Erevan notices a small shining object in the distance; a metal pyramid.
We head towards it.
We touch it, and the pyramid of shadows expands so fast that it crushes against us and knocks us unconscious. We awaken inside a dimly lit room.
there are 4 passage ways. We see a pit 40ft x 40ft with bones and garbage around the rim of the pit. We see a hulking 2 headed monster walking around the room.
In giant, Mithruin says “Friend or foe?”
One head says to the other “Oooo, It’s head is just what I need on my wall, I don’t have a minotaur yet.”
We look around and see trophy heads on his walls. He swings down at us with his cleaver.
Battle begins!
Longwang & Erevan get knocked into a pit; Erevan gets out & Longwang uses his superior athletics to leap out. There are tentacles below, one comes up and slaps Dax. Erik Vi’Lar knocks him into the pit.
“Trophies, stop moving! Argh!”

(OOC: Game night Oct 5)

Lady Blu had been knocked out cold. Her allies revive her and bring her up to speed on what happened after she fell into unconsciousness;

  • Kravacakos
  • Map – immense power; treasure, etc
  • Jungle/Forest – bandit encounter, Teifling appearance
  • Pyramid – room of bones, giant figth, caught in pit

There are 4 passage ways, we take the south west passage.
we are attacked by bolts of energy – it’s a trap!
Dax advances, on tile, a blue flame billows up and singes his body.
Geddran goes through a dimension door and reappears ravaged by blades.
We make it through the hall and enter a new room; 4 giant statues, gem encrusted pillars, mirrors and suddenly the doors close behind us.
Gem encrusted pillars giants

Eyes of the statues flicker.
Dax checks – the pillars cannot be moved.
Eyes of the statues glow brighter.
Mithruin sets a fire in the drum. The crystals start to flicker
We add oil to the fire, the fire gets bigger.
the statues start to move, eyes fully open
Lord Baron relates blood findings; old & dry under block
Alouudin pours his own blood, from his hand and it now spins easily
Inner workings in between tracks of squares
We determine this must be a type of REFLECTION PUZZLE – targets green column, flashes and crystal goes out.
Statues start walking into the centre
Lady Blu is killed.
Conan the Jedi is killed.
Light shines on mirror, lights up script in Abyssal; say words to reset event, doors open, fist sized purple crystal!
By the way… “No one is hungry or thirsty”
Longwang brings Lady Blu back to life. Now Baynat really likes him!
Geddran brings Conan back to life.
We rest.
Mithruin stands guard while we sleep.
While we slept… something happened to our life force. We lose 1 permanent healing surge.

The Star Sailor Chronicles...

(OOC Game night Sept 7)

Lady Blu had blacked out from heat exhaustion in the desert. When she came to, her party explained what she had missed;

  • The wyvern potion had been created, but had not brought the girl out of her coma. She had black eyes and blood coming from her mouth as she thrashed about. She was possessed!
  • In order to save her we had to enter the Shadowfeld, and we had lost all sense of time.
  • We were fighting a demon.
  • We will die & lose our souls if we fail in our mission.
  • Erevan was more and more familiar and unable to grasp memory.
  • A 3 story building, black barn with double doors, stain glass.
  • Dax climbed the fence, Mithruin tried to pick the lock, physics in this place were skewed…perhaps projecting our thoughts?
  • Dax slipped on a puddle of blood. Writhing masses!
  • Left staircases, tapestries, 4 sets of armor in hall.
  • Mithruin investigates suit of armor, claw from wall.
  • Dax cranks Mithruin, people are fighting each other
  • 3 spectres
  • defeated

Erevan opens the door and we see total darkness inside. He pokes his sword in and pulls it back to see a piece of it is gone! Mappo sticks his finger in, pulls it back and is fine. He drops everything but his robe and steps in. He disappears from sight.
Lord Baron follows. Dax prays & slides through darkness with a red light around him. When he passes through he sees Lord Baron’s body prone, Mithruin is totally splat as well. He sees Geddran carrying Mappo & sliding off to the side. In the distance he sees a door.
Dax goes back to the door and calls through – no one on the other side hears him. Those who are prone all have their possessions.
Having notices prayer gestures, Lady Blu prays “Shiallia, I pray that you might cast down your light from the skies”
Everyone else goes into the darkness, connected like a daisy chain. Dax leads us towards the dark door on the far side.
At the door… we enter a plateau. We see lots of bodies & skeletons on a floating platform, like islands in the sky leading towards a mountain with a cave. Each gap between floating islands is 10 feet.
Lady Blu flies across. Dax leaps and sinks up to his shoulders in quick sand!
A rope is thrown to him, but he can’t reach for it. Mithruin jumps in and is up to his waist sinking. He ties rope around him but no one has the other end! LoL
Longwang hops on the edige, grabs on the edge of the island and sees things moving around under the sand.
Lady Blu perceives that there is a change in terrain ahead; identifies solid ground!
She ties off a 50ft rope around Baynat’s waist and speaks beast to convey her plan to him. The adds Geddran’s 100ft rope and anchors the end to the door frame. Baynat executes Lady Blu’s plan; making an acrobatic leap as far out as he can possibly go. he lands and partially sinks into quick sand. Lady Blu sprinkles pixie dust on him and he is pulled from the muck & flies to where the terrain changes to solid ground!
He acts as an anchor to the rope, which now extends 2.5ft above the ground and stretches across the quick sand pit. Allies can now scale across the pit. mithruin can reach it and Dax is the only one still in jeopardy. Suddenly he is grabbed by the ankles and sucked under the sand.
He is attacked from below. Nicetats tries to attack but misses. The creature breaks through the surface and attacks Geddran. It shreds the rope and pulls him with acid damage. the rope is left dangling while the creature disappears. Geddran is under the surface and can see him.
Erevan uses his amulet – burst of fire – rams into the door, it is ablaze, the ropes light on fire and fall away.
Lady Blu takes Nicetats’ rope and ties it to Baynat, dropping extra rope above the arches. Dax resurfaces and grabs the rope. Mappo levels the creature prone. (OOC: Double crit with Phantam Chasm!)
Across a path of fire… we climb down rope to see what looks like Longwang’s monk friend in an area of rough terrain.
Lady Blu calls out to her, but she stares blankly. A pictogram from the floor rises up; a dragon shadow, which is killed by Erevan.
Dax attacks Mithruin.
Erevan attacks Geddran.
Dax continues to attack Mithruin.
Lady Blu approaches the girl and touches her. She feels cold, something is ripping at Lady Blu’s soul.
Lord Baron approaches and attacks the enemy within, hoping to get at whatever is possessing her. He sees a creature behind her; a demonic gnoll!
Lady Blu lets out a battle cry; “We see you demon, prepare to die!” A flurry of battle ensues, in the midst of which the strange infighting continues.

The Star Sailor Chronicles...More, yes, MORE!

(OOC Game night June 28)

When we awaken…

The angel who took us away from battle stands 12 feet tall before us. She speaks to us in our minds and explains that we have damaged the covenant. The angel introduces herself as Iladrial of the Saleen. She tries to bring us up to speed:

You are ending this time in the wheel & start again. You must not allow any further damage to the covenant. Find the rod and its pieces. Be patient. The rod, when assembled, will be the key to the next step in the path. Iladrial is the last. Do not trust your eyes/ears. Learn to enhance your abilities. Start in a place of safety. Go back and grow your abilities. You are not ready to face your foe yet.

She shimmers and reveals her true form, writhing in pain.

I have left you a keystone on the Dutchie of the Nine Blades" with Abu Darsail, which will lead you to the next keystone. The next keystone allows you to reuse the gates. Sends you back to the gate where you started from.

She glows an azure blue and screams.


The floor starts dropping away. We seem to be ripped apart from reality. She explodes as we enter the portal.
As we leave the portal we are not in a place we recognize. It is a nice sunny day. Erevan checks the sky and the foliage matches the type of landscape we are used to. We explore the first set of ruins and see a humanoid scout with bow walking up along the upper tier. It appears to be a goblin!

Lady Blu flies to see the area with the scout, but is spotted! The arrow missed, the 2nd arrow hits her. She spirals to the ground with a minor flesh wound, but decides to play possum. The scout turns back to his post, satisfied. Another scout from below steps out from the ruins and walks out in the direction of where Lady Blu crashed. He is really focused on the ground where he is walking, possibly there are traps or mines hidden around the ruins. Erevan alerts us to his perception on the matter.

Erik Vi’Lar charges in, crunching the ground, he makes an athletic jump, trying to avoid a trap as the ground collapses to reveal a spike pit. He manages to avoid being impaled but he is unable to climb out of the pit. The top of the spikes look like they are coated in silver.
A scout within the ruins beats upon a large GONG – sounding an alarm!
Baynat is driven slightly bonkers by the sight of Lady Blu crashing to the earth, he leaps across the pit to aid his mistress. Lady Blu uses her pixie dust to allow Erik Vi’lar to fly up and out of the pit. Baynat lays his kung fu on a goblin who was trying to strike Lady Blu, and bloodies him. Lady Blu socks him with a Well of Light and finishes him off. She soul steps over to Baynat (teleport) and flies over to the gong and before the goblin scout can lay another blow upon it, she SHRINKS it!

Looking across the clearing, there are 20-30 goblins coming to battle. We decide to run into the forest and retreat to a nearby settlement (we see smoke stacks in the distance). We retreat into the forest.

Just beyond the tree-line, we cross a path that is 3 feet wide covered with silver. A ring around the area and the goblins in pursuit come to a dead stop at this point. They stop, look down and then run back from where they came. We wonder what is the significance of the silver? is it protection? if so, against what?
We decide not to rest and continue towards the smoke stacks. We eventually come across a small town.

(OOC Game night July 13)

In the town, we meet Ulmar Lightborn, a dwarf who tells us about large creatures in the forest (hobgoblins) who have erected a barrier of some kind. They have made 30 10ft wood fence posts. They’ve taken something very precious from the townsfolk and they want our help to get it back. There are 5 people in the town, they ask our assistance in breaking the barrier. they seem to be somewhat emaciated. The barrier makes them sick/weak. One tall Icelandic looking man complains to the dwarf “Our clan leader will not be happy you are bringing strangers into our business” he seemed totally pissed off, and stormed back inside the shelter. A woman, wearing light furs, appears with another tall man. She is wearing a fetish necklace with a carved stone pendant and eagle feathers. Perhaps she is a young holy woman? She has a dark complexion and strange almond shaped eyes. She introduces herself as Stormcaller.
Lady Blu whispers concern to Erevan; hard to say what that barrier is for, what if it is protection from these people rather than from hobgoblins? Could they be werewolves? There is a half moon overhead.
The woman tells us that the object taken was a sacred “relic”. Without it they will all die. The hobgoblins are trying to subvert its power. A younger fellow comes out of the house and offers us food. Longwang, Arknaught, Lord Baron and Erevan accept the sustenance. We sleep and are refreshed. We devise a signal to let the townsfolk know we were successful in breaking the barrier. The silver path is 3ft wide and 2ft deep. Erevan suggests a strategy where we attack it with a plow attached to Mithruin. We all agree to a dig method on the opposite side of the clearing. Mithruin starts digging the silver layer from the ground. After several rounds of digging we clear a significant amount, and must stop to rest.
We see a hobgoblin on patrol with a spear…we attack and the sentry is quickly dispatched.
We see hobgoblins pouring our from the ruins. The 5 townsfolk from the village race through the cleared pathway and run towards the hoard of hobgoblins. They morph into werewolves!
A huge battle ensues.
During the battle we see one hobgoblin starts to change shape – it appears they have stolen the power of lycanthropy! Stormcaller, the pack mistress raises her hands and scorches the hobgoblins with lightning. The head hobgoblin beats upon his shield three times and the goblin mob cheers. We battle on, and take a fair bit of damage, many of us were bloodied and beaten.
We finish off the minions and the werewolves shred them to pieces. One werewolf goes into a frenzy, the other werewolves grab and hold him down until he is calm. Mithruin asks for help to be lowered by rope into a pit to recover the silver stakes. He gets a handful of them. The werewolves start changing back, except the dwarf who remains a wolf.
Lady Blu inspects a cage within the ruins. There is a dog-like creature inside with glowing eyes & sliver fur.
We realize the relic has a centerpiece of metal that we’ve seen before (the angel told us we needed a lot of this material to make it further).
Lady Blu communicates with the dog creature and finds out he is injured, he is a “moon-dog”, a fey beast with special abilities. Mithruin gives him some rations to help improve his health. Erik Vi’Lar grabs the relic. Alouudin asks Stormcaller what is special about the relic. She explains that it makes her people what they are. He asks where her people come from; she says the shadow of the moon, now we walk the earth. Erik Vi’Lar picks up and attempts to hid the Wolf Skin Armor (AWKWARD!) There is also a Belt, Bolts, a wand with runes, a purple potion, a green cloudy vial, gloves, 300 gold pieces and 3 rubies cut in excellent condition.
Lady Blu is thrilled that the moon-dog will be joining her. She tells the group; I call him “Lunar”, he will follow me until he finds his family.
Mithruin searches the barrels for treasure. In the grain barrel he finds a satchel with 2 rings and an amulet. The owlbear eats salted fish from a barrel and starts choking on it. Lady Blu pulls it out and discovers a long key inside! Also caught in his beak are a pair of boots for very small feet.
Longwang tries on the boots and they change shape & conform to his feet. He feels like he has better balance. Mithruin tells us about the rings (keeps the amulet to himself). We find weapons, one that looks particularly vicious. Mithruin takes the gloves, Erik the wolf armor, Longwang the boots, Lady Blu the wand and rings (for Mappo) and Lord Baron the crossbow bolts, the Stave is taken by Alouddin.
We decide to let them have the relic. Stormcaller gives us each a coin token which looks like a rough sand dollar. She tells us if we break it, they will come to our assistance. It is like a werewolf S.O.S. “Break it and we will find you”
The rod piece slips from our grasp, but we could always break the coin and have them return to us should we need it.
We wait one week for the portal to reappear. We eat food from the barrels, we refresh ourselves and when the portal finally appears, we all go through it.

We appear back at the monastery’s lower level.

We go to find the body of the head mistress & 3 under her are all gone. This is surprising because all of the other bodies are still there in the monastery! Alouudin and Mithruin stay and give monks a proper burial. Longwang & Lady Blu decide to travel to Krayden’s Pass for supplies & to sell off some of our treasure. We discover that the horse to the horse & cart we “borrowed” is gone. We will have to repay 1,000 gold for the horse. We get Baynat to pull the cart back with Longwang and Lady Blu riding along. Once we arrive to Krayden’s Pass, we find out that the girl in the city is still alive, but in a coma. No one knows what to do, she is very weak. We know that it was a poison, but not sure of the cure. Apothecary doesn’t know what ails her. Longwang describes the poison… with information given the apothecary thinks he can make an antidote. The Antidote requires: (1) the poison of a wyvern and (2) venom sack of king cobra. The apothecary can sustain her now he knows what it is, but needs these 2 things in order to cure her. Possible sources; People on docks (15 days away), Castle (more unusual things (15 days away) or Dutchie of Nine Blades (2 – 4 weeks away & new territory for us)
We visit Merissa Lighte, ask if she knows about rings & sell her 2 rubies. We sell other items & gain supplies.

(OOC Game night Aug 10)

We head out to find wyvern or king cobra – we travel through the desert towards the Dutchie of Nine Blades.
As we cross the desert, we come across merchant routes and eventually see Preying Mantis type humanoids chattering & walking around. There are bones scattered around. The travel in the desert has affected Lady Blue, Dax, Arknaught and Geddran.
Dax intimidates the creatures. One laughs and says “I’m not as weak as I look, now get out of my way.” We notice 2 large snakes fighting each other… maybe they have the venom sacks we need?!

Geddran & Mithruin speak with the creatures; inquire about the snakes and find out the “big ones” come out at night. They say too many strangers come to the desert lately. Mappo casts a spell that makes them believe we are friends & can be trusted.
We ask them to show us where to find the biggest snakes. They take us later that night to a hatchling challenge. We complete the challenge successfully, they will take us to the cavern “in there” (point to a big hole!). Mappo thanks our new friends. Dax leads us into the dark cavern, he uses his superior athletics to hop down 20 feet with rope attached to him. He makes it to the bottom.
Baynat & Lunar stay up top to hold the rope in place. Mithruin heads down into the hole. Dax is illuminated by Mappo. He can see snakes ahead in the pit, making their way towards the light. Dax notices there are lots of big holes along the walls. Before the snakes make it to Dax, Mappo casts a sleep spell on 7 of them.

The Star Sailor Chronicles Continue!

(OOC Game night May 18)

The battle continues…

We explore the area below the monastery and find an ornately decorated room. Two sets of cylinders on top of a raised pedestal. The pedestals are identical, very old, in front of three circular holes that seem to fit a cylinder. One person could hold 1 cylinder at a time. Erevan wonders aloud if one might have more dust than another. We notice there is a ton of dust on the entire thing. Mappo determines it is six ages old (6,000 yrs) he dusts it with mage hand and reveals a fresco of monks fighting creatures. This is teaching us the pictoral history of the monks, across the ceiling of the room.

Lady Blu picks one up, lifts it… tries another, cannot lift it… picks up 1st again and drops it in the hole. Lady Blu and Baynat suddenly disappear!

Erik Vi’Lar picks up one and drops it… he disappears!
Mappo… ditto for him!

Everyone in turn repeats this action and… disappears.

Longwang and Lord Red Baron reappear in the room. The cylinder is replaced with ancient scroll case tied with a red ribbon with a silver key & tag with a symbol on it.

Lady Blu reappears (without Baynat!!!) in a new room. It appears to be an area for testing… a statue of a monk is bowed over. Lady Blue completes a puzzle successfully and is awarded by teleporting back into the first room with an ancient scroll case.
May19 3 lady b puzzle

The others face similar challenges…

May19 6 puzzle
May19 2  puzzle
May19 5 mithruin puzzle

Mappo appears and each in turn reappear in the center of the room. We are rewarded with new powers.
May19 6 all step on symbols

We each step onto the symbol which corresponds with our scroll’s symbol and an ENERGY PORTAL appears.
May 19 energy portal

Longwang collects all of the scrolls and secures them inside his backpack. We go through the portal and reappear on the other side. We are outdoors! We see a lot of skeletons!!
Energy portal flip side

They have bows, swords & shields and beyond the skeletons we see glowing fire skeletons. Dax lays an armor of faith upon the party to increase our strength and we charge towards a nearby bridge. Everyone on the bridge we battle bravely.

Fire skeletons

Full skeleton battle

(OOC Game night May 31)

The battle rages on and we valiantly defeat the final skeleton foes.

May31 1

Suddenly in the distance, fading in from the mist, we see a SKELETON ARMY approaching! There is no way we will defeat such a swell of enemies, our time appears to be up! The Master leading the army yells; “These strangers have entered our land. DEAL WITH THEM.” he disappears and the skeletons cheer “Your will be done!”

May31 2

Without warning, a crack of thunder splits the sky and a golden ball of fire obliterates the skeletons. A huge angel crashes to the ground before us, wearing golden armor that is ablaze with a golden fire. The angel lays dead and a pool of radiant energy rips apart the skeletons.
Another angel appears and says “Come with me, I will protect you”

He disappears, there is a huge explosion then he reappears with his wing blown off. He disappears again and reappears – he is struggling, something has him by the throat! a huge demon is revealed. The demon says “You have broken the covenant, your life is forfeit”, and then the demon snaps off the angel’s head and chucks it into the river!

May31 5

Another angel appears and grabs Erevan, grabs all of us, and we disappear. As we are teleported we are knocked unconscious.

When we awaken…



(OOC: Game night May 4, 2012)
We return to the story of our adventure party, who were in the midst of a great battle to take back control of Longwang’s childhood Monastery….

Another wave of beast riders was upon us. The rain had created an added challenge for us, making the grass wet and certain areas of the battle field very difficult terrain to traverse. My trusty owlbear companion, Baynat, was clawing at the beasts. He successfully bloodied one and then killed a goblin ranger with his bare paws (hehe). The beast riders were very persistent, laying blows upon us.

Lady blu pre kaboom

Seeking a better vantage point, I leapt up onto a cart that had a few barrels on it. Before I could cast my next bolt, a ranger on the rooftop flung a firey arrow upon the barrels and KABOOM! they went up in a huge fireball. This caused alot of grief and pain to myself and poor Baynat, who retaliated with such a frenzy that he bloodied his next foe.

The wolves swarmed Erik Vi’Lar.

Linc surrounded

Suddenly I felt a mighty boon from the universe and I was bestowed with special powers. I let out a mighty battle command: “Get ’Em Baynat!!!” and the fierce owlbear leapt through the air (who knew owlbears could fly?!), shimmied a groovy boog-a-loo while swiping his claws around in a frenzied flapping motion. He killed one of the beast riders, then leapt back to my side. I could scarcely believe my own eyes at Baynat’s newly discovered talents!

Before entering the monastery

With the beast riders and rangers on the rooftops slain, our party advanced into the monastery.
Baynat used his mighty strength to once again break down the solid door.
I flew towards the entrance, and much to my shagrin, a strong gust of wind knocked me into the fountain! CURSES!!

Glub glub glub.

By the time I had climbed out of the great water fountain and dried off my wings, the adventure party had returned from their explorations within the monastery. They shared sad tidings of the untimely deaths of all the monks within. We had not been able to save them after all.

With nothing learned from this battle, since none of our foes had been questioned/tortured or allowed to live… the only curious discovery was that of a secret stair way leading down below the monastery, which even Longwang himself had not been aware of its existence.

R.I.P. Rakuul

1 rip rakuul

A new quest for knowledge past

Three weeks have passed since the adventurer’s return. The sheriff summons the party and tasks them with recovering the meaning of the scrolls by decree of the conclave’s wishes….

Here our story will continue

The dragon's lair

After the heroes recovered from the harrowing battle with the human guards and the traps of gravehound beasts laying wait in pits below they discovered a concealed natural door.

Erevan with his wits about him decided to risk its opening through a strange device where he saw stains in a long chamber that his arm would surely fit securely into the shoulder. He was immediately pinned there as the wrong levers were pressed. His arm was pierced deep and held in place and with each wrong entry the pins grew larger, tearing th ebone and flesh of the poor adventurer. His companions rushed to search the room and soon found as time was running out the key to the code. as it was entered the wall cracked and slowly pivoted to reveal a darkness ahead. The group not waiting to rest ventured in and soon discovered a bound gnome witch. Her clothes torn, her feet and hands bound. she was in an unconscious state as Arknaught began to ply his medical training to ascertain her condition. the others though scouted ahead at this time.

Mappo shed light throughout his body with but a mental command as the shardling burst into luminescence. That group moving forward soon discovered the shadows of the walls were hiding their own form of danger. Rakuul , even though concealed from sight was not able to avoid its keen othersenses. It slipped from the shadows, a beast of the darkness in the shape of a dark cloaked humanoid with vicious daggers and bulbous, sightless eyes. It struck from the darkness and as easily stepped back into the shadowfell. The battle hardened group fought other such foes and Rakuul was lost to the depths of the subteranean lake in the cavernous room.

As the heroes moved with backs to the water to avoid the sneakthief’s attacks soon found they alas were not the only danger. A jet of acid soon let them realize this folly as the true master of the lair rose from the depths to spray it’s acidic breathe all over them. They soon were engaged by this new foe, a young black dragon. It’s eyes were ravaged by a claw from the past and as they battle for their very lifes , it began to weaken with each sliced attack, bolt of eldritch energy or the mind assaults from the shardling. At last it saw no hope for winning and sought escape. The Shardling cast forth a spell of slumber though and brought the black dragon to the ground. It was then frozen in place and with the continued efforts of those still able to wield their implements of war , it was finally slain. the part fully rested and claiming all of the young dragon’s horde recovered the satchel and an ancient map along with a mysterious jewel box with no way to ope. They returned after another three days to then return to Krayden’s pass to return the satchel and receive their bounty


Waking up and realizing we were pretty much broke and unable to pay the levy to remain in the town, we gathered at The Grey Gander, our local tavern, to determine what to do about it.
It seemed clear to us all that we needed to find work that paid well, and perhaps a better understanding of what would be worth a good trade at the local shops if we came upon it in our travels.
We decided to part ways to increase our chances of finding income opportunities quickly.

Dax, Alouuudin, Rakuul, Eravan and Longwang went off to the area of town where all the riff raff gathered, affectionately termed Murder Row, to see what errand work or black market opportunities there may be available. Mappo went on his own to consort with his very secretive Conclave order.

Taurin and the Lord Red Baron headed directly & with purpose to the Beurgermeister’s palace.

I joined Geddrahm to seek out the Sheriff. We knew our Warden had been working each day to ensure the lands remain safe but lately more and more attacks by the denizens surrounding the settlement had grown. Perhaps this would be our best chance for some income & adventure!
Upon arrival to the Barracks, we could see a lot of activity; the Sheriff preparing his men for battle and the Master of Arms busy with quill and paper at his desk. I tucked into Geddrahm’s collar and he engaged the Master in conversation. We learned that Adventurer’s were needed to locate a convoy that was missing. 2 days late arriving to the Duchy with an important sealed document from the King. The reward for recovering the document, still sealed, was 50 gp.
The Master was quite an obnoxious fellow – he challenged Geddrahm’s ability to manage himself in the forest. My temper got the better of me & I burst out of his collar to set the man straight – with a Pixie in the party, we’d have no issues in the Forest. The Master had no respect for me and assumed I was Geddrahm’s pet! I would have no more of this ridiculous and demeaning talk so I flew out of the damn place and awaited Geddrahm outside.

When Geddrahm rejoined me in the courtyard, he shared that after speaking with the Sheriff, that 2 other adventure groups had left the Duchy bent on recovering the envoy and reward for the scroll. One group was made up of 3 elves. The others were a group of dwarves, dragonborns & halflings.
So we had some competition! At least we’d have a better chance of recognizing them, rather than assuming they were thieves and murderers of the King’s envoy.
He had also learned that for every goblin scalp we brought back, he’d award 10gp as a bounty for each scalp. In addition, there were three of the most vilest enemies who had special bounties on their heads; 200gp, 100gp & 500gp. Geddrahm had a copy of the wanted posters so we could share the names and images with the group later on.
The only other income opportunity was for animal pelts (wolves, bears, etc) which would fetch a very attractive rate in town to satisfy the current fashion trends of the city’s elite.

We began to make our way back to the Tavern, when I decided to detour over to the General Store. I thought perhaps that the owner, Dargon, could give me some insights into the popular wares of the town. Not as expected, the most trivial of items he would be willing to deal with. It may be more hassle to carry such items back to the Duchy for such low return on the investment.
I rejoined Geddrahm on the road & we returned to the Grey Gander together.

Once everyone had returned and settled in with a golden brew, Eravan remarked on a horrendous urine stench coming from the Lord Red Baron. His reply and further discourse with Eravan prompted me to take a closer look. The Lord was wearing a cloak and clutching a box which was partially concealed underneath. I noticed quite a bit of blood spatter on his shirt. He maintained that he had been quite ill and had been vomitting blood, then proceeded to ask if anyone could unlock the box he had found? Although I was a bit concerned at what foul illness or disease had its grips on him, I gave my best attempt but failed. A curious thing, the symbols decorating the box were not recognizable to me. Taurin was grumbling about some rude Paladin at the Burgermeister’s Palace.

Dax was kind enough to order us another round from the barkeep.

Geddrahm shared the details of our visit to the Barracks with the rest of our Adventure party. They agreed the rewards were well worth leaving the safety (and cost) of remaining in the Duchy.

Longwang let us know that they’d be returning to Murder Row at dusk to determine if there was a job opportunity there.

Mappo didn’t say much, he just had an odd dried up branch in his hands. I suppose he didn’t have much luck with the Conclave.

Taurin left to secure a room for the Lord Red Baron.

Later that afternoon, we heard quite a ruckus growing in the town. Apparently an Acolyte had been found murdered in the Temple of Avandria this very morning! I suppose the timing of our adventure could not be better with murderers running about town. I decided to leave the Duchy at once and told the others I would await them along the treeline. Taurin wanted to join me, which was fine. He ran a quick errand over by the Begermeister’s palace before heading out of the gates with me.

I found my lovely Baynat snoozing under a tree. I gently woke him and my sweet owlbear was ready to carry me onto our next adventure. We waited together along the treeline until the sunset and the stars came out.

Finally our fellow adventurers joined us outside the Duchy and we made our way into the forest. On the road, Dax told us that we were given an escort mission, to free the Seer Renlana Thoreya from the Duchy of the Nine Blades. We had plenty of time to make our way there, so the King’s envoy would be our prime focus for some fast gold.

We eventually found an old campsite. The fire had been out for some time now. Wagons were overturned, horses were dead and bodies were strewn everywhere. Taurin got a bit closer to inspect the bodies and hollered back that some were still moving.

Suddenly our foes were upon us and a great battle ensued. I may have singed one of my allies, but no matter, we were victorious!

We searched the area, the bodies and the wagon.

Eravan with his expert nature skills was able to determine that the envoy had been dead 1-2 days and that small reptile creatures had been all over this area, and had headed off together after ravaging the cart. There was a hidden compartment on the cart which had been bashed open. It was certain that these reptiles had taken the scroll.

Dax took a closer look at the tracks leading off into the brush. It was Kobolds, definitely Kobolds.
We beat a quick path after them into the night.


(OOC: Game night Feb 24)

__Arknaught and Conan the Jedi joined us in the forest and we had some success tracking the Kobolds despite their efforts to conceal their trail. At least 30 pairs of tracks were identified and we re-established the trail over rocky terrain, across a river and towards a mountain range. We were about 12km from town, we traveled well into the night and early morning. We were certain that the Kobolds had gone into the mountains somewhere but could not establish an entry point. We backtracked 30minutes and stealthily covered our tracks until we found a good rest spot. We slept. When we awoke, we noticed a patch of green foliage that appeared faded. Upon closer inspection we discovered it was covering a large iron grate. It was locked and we all failed miserably at opening it (I “may” have broken it). My trusty owlbear, Baynat, pounded it with his feathery paws and it smashed open. We stepped in and made our way through the tunnel._
We could hear voices ahead and Dax translated the draconic “I told you to watch him, keep digging.” We approached the room and saw all kinds of dragon-lizard creatures. Kobolds! We dove into battle and they were no match for our strength and skill.
Looting the corpses, Rakuul found a little bottle of green swirling mist and as he was trying to determine what kind of potion it might be, Dax alerted us to more draconic voices echoing in the halls ahead. We expected a large cavern ahead, and indeed we came upon more Kobolds who were quickly dispatched but one of the Kobolds ran off screaming an alert to his comrades ahead.
Not to let him get away, we quickly looted and found scroll cases with draconic sigils on them. Alouudin determined they were ritual scrolls and kept them since it would take time to determine what rituals they were for. In addition to the scrolls we found 2 peridots, which Mappo found to be special and more than they might appear, so he kept them for more closer examination later on. We also recovered 20 gold pieces before heading off after the Kobold which had escaped the battle._

(OOC: Game night March 4)

We chased the Kobold down a hallway and came upon an anti-chamber filled with Kobolds and beds overturned. We sliced and diced our way through them quite easily, although I took a fair amount of damage from the construct’s glave. Luckily Dax was able to heal me before my wounds became too grave. When all were vanquished, part of the group surged ahead while the rest of us remained behind to search the room. Dax and I searched for hidden areas within the room, Conan searched for treasure, Mappo searched for arcane items and Arknaught found a couple more scrolls/rolls of parchment. We realized we had lingered too long and were unsure of where our party had gone. Fortune was on our side and we rejoined them from a different entrance to the chamber they had emerged into. A very strange room indeed!
1 2nd room
1 sorcerer
I charged forward and annihilated a group of Kobolds with my Hellfire Blast. Blood ripped from their bodies towards the centre of the room. There was a large symbol in the floor and several sorcerers chanting around it. The blood was absorbed and disappeared into a vortex.
1 killed in hellfire blast

Dax killed a sorcerer and got knocked dead from doing so! Luckily a mighty healing surge saved him from the grave. He valiantly regained his feet, ran around the vortex and attacked the next sorcerer.

1 dax back from the dead

Kobolds were starting to leak blood from their noses and I could feel a throbbing in my bones. A Kobold ran screaming from the room as another Kobold’s head exploded and got sucked into the vortex. Another sorcerer fell at the hands of Amoksoohn, and at that moment all of the remaining Kobolds exploded and fed the vortex. A carnage demon suddenly appeared!!
Instincts kicked in and we all immediately focused our attacks on the carnage demon before he could react, and I got the killing blow!
__Behind Mappo, a huge surge of light energy came out of the branch on his back. The room went white and when we could see again, I saw the room in splendid repair; the columns were up in the corners of the room, a woman was sitting at a table wearing plate mail. Her hair was like the night sky. I could see stars and constellations moving in her hair, it was like looking into the entire universe! She had no face, which was mildly disturbing, but she was sitting calmly with her hands folded at the table. There was a seat for each person and a full setting for each. We all took a seat and each of our favorite meals and drink materialized before us. She spoke…_
Universe: “My heroes, you’ve been measured and found to be at a crossroads to your destinies. You are unlike any other at this turn of the wheel. Every cycle, new branches must form from the tree. I have chosen all of you to be my champion. You may wonder why strange beings such as yourselves have found camaraderie with each other. To balance the upset that is coming. The world is askew, I cannot interfere, we will never meet. You will be my children and set right what is unbalanced.”
Mappo: “If we are to be your champions, will you identify yourself?”
Universe: “For your concept, I am Law, I am Order. The cycle is spinning.”
Mappo: “What is coming?”
Universe: “Chaos”
Mappo: “Where do we go from here?”
Universe: “Some of you know, you will be tested and hurt, but in the end you are the next. You do not have a choice to accept this offer. you have started your journey on this day. Rest here – it may be the last rest you have for a very long time. You are safe here – it may be the last time you will be safe again.”
The room went from white to dark and we had returned to the ritual room with the sorcerer and kobolds slain around us. I felt stronger than before.
In searching the bodies we found 3 clear potions, a Jaycenth, 50 gold and a sapphire with draconic sigils on it. Alouudin kept it for the time being, seeing the word “fire” as a clue that saying fire in draconic might activate it for some purpose.
In addition we discovered that these symbols represent the letters U and D.

1 letters u and d_


(OOC: Game night March 23)

We entered a heavily webbed room, thick as hemp and stickier than toffee. I declared OhNONONONONONNoooooooo to the group, this would be as far as I dared go. Lady Blu + webs is a no go my friends. The group tried to set fire to it. I suggested to Alouddin that his fire gem might work but he tossed it in, said “Fire!” in draconic and it had no effect… we heared it bounce and skitter away into the darkness.

Alouddin tossed a bit of oil on the webbing and Dax struck a flame with his flint and steel. The first 25 feet across burnt away until all of the oil was consumed and petered out.

We saw vermin carcasses and small skeletons on the floor, disgusting! Everyone was hell bent on retrieving the gem. Dax headed in and a terrifying jet of webbing shot out, grabbed and pulled him in before anyone could react. The webbing collapsed around and covered him from our sight.

Dax cried out “I’m in the web!”
Alouddin asked “Are you hurt?”
Dax replied “Not YET!”

We heard a scuffling and realized something had attacked him in the web.

Rakuul moved silently towards the web. Mappo set his light effects on Dax so he would glow in the darkness. There were large spiders in the room…and at this point I backed riiiight out into the entrance way and tucked in behind Baynat’s feathery neck.

“See! I warned you about webs!!” Silly creatures.

At this point I could hardly stand it and backed Baynat away and around the corner from sight.

I could hear quite a ruckus as a battle ensued to rescue Dax. However, hidden from view I would surely enjoy the recount of that battle another time.

“Are you guys coming back this way?” I asked once the spiders were vanquished.

Rakuul said “Still looking for sapphire” as he searched the bodies.

The party found 2 big wooden panels with charcoal artwork and 20 gold pieces.

We backtracked to the 1st room which was empty.

When we entered the 2nd room, I flew in and noticed 2 humans in plate armor having a conversation

Human1: “I can’t believe I got put on this assignment, this sucks”
Human2: “Shut up, if darkling hears you, you’ll be stuck in with the ghouls.”

So obviously, one has a bad attitude about his position, which appeared to be some kind of clerical work. The other is interested in blindly following his duty.

Taurin walks in, bears his vampire teeth and says “Where is your commander?”
They didn’t even flinch. Instead, they readied their weapons.

He repeats “Where is your commander?!”

Human2 yells “ALARM!!” and more humans start coming forward. They are all wearing chain armor and appear ready to take us down.

Humans to battle

The battle was fierce, we were up against 7 heavily armored humans. I used my Well of Light and Baynat scratched one human’s eyes out, we killed the first human quite easily.

Then fortune turned on Dax once more as he fell into a pit! I hammered my Eldritch Bolt against our foes and even though Baynat missed a few of his deadly swipes, we managed to kill another human and bloody another who was down below in the pit.

Finally all of them fell to our heroic strength and skills in battle. We recovered Dax and as we took a breather, Erevan discovered a crack in the wall. It was a thin crack, looking into it, we could see that it ran downwards and over a lip, but could not see beyond that. We were unable to stick down a probe to determine what lay beyond. Erevan, the brave, stuck his arm in and quickly discovered that it was boobytrapped! His arm was in a vice of pins and he was badly wounded. Despite his perilous circumstance, he could still feel around and told us he could feel keys or buttons of some kind at the end of the lip that matched up with his 4 fingers.

We checked the desk and clerical papers for clues to this boobytrap, and found a note scrawled on an officer’s pad “Remember not to use one of the numbers” and we discovered “Use 3 twice” as another clue.

Erevan tried a few combinations, failing each time until he pressed 2-3-3-1 and he was relieved to feel the pins retract from his arm. The wall shifted to open and his arm was released. This opening led to a large cavernous room. It was extremely dark and we could see a slight ambient light emanating from some really gross swampy water ahead that smelled like dead fish punch to the face.

In the far reaches of the room we could see fire pots in the corners, barrels, chests, sacks, armor and supplies piled up. There was a lot of water and no clear way to travel across to the amazing bounty of loot that we feasted our eyes on.

Glorious loot

The roof of the cavern was cylindrical and pitched up towards an opening. Smoke rose up from the fire pots, wafting up in tendrils towards the exit.

[OOC Note: Milestone reached]
[OOC: Game Night April 6]

We entered the pitch black room, Arknaught lit his sun rod and we could see the bound figure of a gnome female unconscious on the ground nearby. Half of our party decided to investigate the body and the other half headed along the side wall towards the glorious mountain of loot.

The gnome awakened and cowered under Arknaught as he leaned forward to inspect her. “What happened to you?” he asked, and she told us she was named Nicetats, the envoy of the King, she was on her way to deliver scrolls to the Bergermeister at Krayden’s Pass but got jumped on her way there and taken captive. I untied her and as I did so, 2 creatures emerged from the shadows and tried to jab us with their daggers.

Creatures from shadow

They were strange looking creatures with beak like noses and white globes for eyes. Longwang got stabbed and Baynat was bloodied before they vanished into the walls again. Baynat cried in pain and I set my healing hand upon him.

We were quite taken by surprise, but not nearly as much as when a large black dragon came up from the swampy waters behind us and sprayed us with his acid breath!!

Dragon from watery depths

I was wounded by the acid, as were Nicetats & Erevan. We blindly attacked the wall hoping to hit the shadowy creatures who had assaulted us, but all was in vain.

Envoy to the king

Finally the creatures became visible and I struck one with my mighty Eldritch Bolt while Baynat hooked another on his claw. Arknaught bloodied the creature using his lance of faith to bolster my damage strength, which was perfectly timed as my next attack dealt a killing blow. The creature died but exploded, causing a burst of darkness to blind us temporarily.

Riding atop Baynat, I directed him to charge along the water, once we reached the edge, I cast my Pixie Dust upon him and we flew across the murky water to the opposite shore. From there I had the perfect vantage point to target the dragon, who had flown across to the other half of our party and was doing a fair bit of damage there…

Dragon battle

My bolt had a devastating critical effect on the dragon and when it was gravely damaged and tried to escape, Mappo cast a sleep spell upon it, made it drop from the sky and he immobilized it with further mind tricks. He was awesome!

Mappo served the killing blow, and upon closer inspection of the corpse we could see that it had deep claw marks across it’s face, his eyes were ruined from some previous battle.

Standing next to the loot, I was able to relay to the party what we had before us as booty;

A jewel box, which had no hinge, no opening or any evidence of a keyhole, made of shiny metal and gem covered (50lbs) – MAPPO took possession of this item to investigate its properties and hopefully discover how to open it.

There was a satchel of papers marked with the King’s seal – ARKNAUGHT took possession of this item, with intent to turn it over to the Burgermeister in exchange for our reward.

There were 2,600 gold worth of gold, silver and copper coins in a steamer trunk (360lbs) – we used rope from our adventure kits to strap this heavy load onto Baynat’s back, so we could leverage him like a pack mule for the journey back to town.

There were several suits of armor, weapons, etc, crates of rare fabrics, silks and spices – CONAN took possession of these items

There was also a box of carefully wrapped clear liquid, which EREVAN packed up into his bag.
Upon discovering a leather scroll case, Erevan opened it and found a strange map inside.

[OOC: This map may be viewed in the MAP tab of the Campaign Page]

I had not realized until now, but evidently Rakuul had decided to jump in the murky water and had fallen prey to the dragon early in the fight. We recovered his body from the watery depths.

Rakuul death by drowning

We checked his body for any signs of life, there were none. We salvaged what we could of his supplies, weapons and as we did so we discovered in the weeds around his corpse the missing FIRE SAPPHIRE that we had thought lost in the spider cave. A very suspicious circumstance indeed.

We rested and decided that after attaining such a large bounty of loot, and the completion of our first quest, that we should make our way back to Krayden’s Pass to sell of the goods and receive payment for our first conquest. With such a heavy burden, it took us an extra days travel. After the 2nd day, Erevan told us he had the feeling we were being watched, but by the 3rd day this feeling passed. We arrived to Krayden’s pass 4 days after leaving the caves.

Upon entering the town, we heard news that a local cut throat had been found guilty of the Acolyte’s murder and put to death for it. The paladin had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Alouddin and Lady Blu took the bounty to negotiate the sale among the local trades and shop keeps.

We received 3,040 for all of the misc. which, after making our monthly city tax payment, worked out to 253 gold left over for each of us.

The bounty for the scroll delivery to the Burgermeister gained 50 gold pieces.


Scroll for posting

The Burgermeister summoned us to him – the scrolls were handed to us and he told us that the Conclave had charged us with the task of deciphering the meaning of the scrolls. They said that one among our group had some of the knowledge to do so, and that if we could figure out what it was, he would reward us with 5,000 gold and deeded titles (which would let us stay in the town for FREE!)

Of note: Alouddin learned a ritual and Mappo determined the base elements of the stones.

We will determine soon if we plan to return to that cave, since there were many areas left undiscovered and the bounty was certainly not the only treasure to be found there. If we ever return, I’ve kept a map of where we had been, to help us easily retrace our steps there.

Map to post

Starsailor Chronicles by Lady Blu Starsailor

(OOC Game night April 20)

One week passed while in Krayden’s Pass. A man called Erik Vi’Lar approached us and explained that he had a strong desire to join our adventure party. He claimed to have experienced visions a few days ago, of a burning sigil which appeared to him as a cross inside a circle, and that he was drawn to us for some unknown purpose. We allowed him to join our group.

The next morning, Longwang awoke and gathered us all to the apothecary. There had been some excitement in town and he explained that a woman from his monastery had ridden to seek his help. His childhood home, the monastery, was under siege by Goblins! She had collapsed and was near death. Arknaught determined that she had been poisoned by something she had eaten or drank over 30 days ago, which led us to believe that the monastery may be consuming poisonous foods to weaken them. It did not appear that this warrior-woman would last much longer, Dax and Erevan prayed for her. I suggested that we get underway to the monastery immediately to help them against the goblins. Everyone agreed to join Longwang in his journey to save the monastery. We purchased a wagon and 4 horses (700g). Lady Blu lent Mappo 50g to buy his rituals. Everyone purchased rations for the journey.

Since it would take us several days journey, Mappo send his sparrow “Twitter” with a note attached to its leg. It read: “Longwang and his party are coming to assist. Beware your food & water may be poisoned.”

Mithruin, the vampire minotaur, traveled ahead of the party, figuring he might reach it 2 days ahead of the adventure party.

During our journey, Alouddin set his mind to deciphering the scrolls. Lady Blu provided the two letters they had learned from the Kobold cave and he masterfully worked out the translation. The scolls read as follows;
*"Elvardian was the first and Nogoroth was the second. All five rods form the key. The rod of stars shines high in the heavens. The rod of the path forms the bridge. The rod of man lays low in times of war. The rod of eyes watches over all. The rod of balance hold the two at arms length. Speak their names and the way in open to you."

After a couple days travel, the Baron decided to drink a potion, after which he ran off ahead with lightening speed. He returned to tell us the monastery was been overrun by the Goblins, with many ranged Goblins along the walls.

We traveled for another day 1/2 and finally arrived to the monastery.

2 party arrives

3 monastery view

4 ranged on wall

We advanced on the gate and killed one of the Goblins along the wall who had been attacking us with a crossbow. When he fell, two more took his place on the wall.

It started to rain and it was cold.

Mappo hypnotizes one and has it step off the wall to his death!

5 storming the monastery

One of the Goblins shouts out – seems like a warning – and the battle continues.
I fly over the mountain gorge and sock one with my Eldritch Bolt. Dax takes one of the goblins down and Arknaught ONE SHOTS a goblin from the wall! Geddran’s magic missle hits and the goblin stumbles along the wall and crashes over.

With the wall clear of goblins, we advance on the gate. After much effort, I summon my owlbear, Baynat, whose brute force smashes open the heavy gate.

6 baynat breaks through

We see a beast pack and goblin riders approaching us from within, and multiple structures within the monastery walls. To our right appears to be a stables.
7 beast riders and stables
8 attack beast riders

Mappo sleeps & slows the beasts and I unleash a wave of hellfire fury from my hands, blasting the pack with a fiery blast. The smell of burnt fur fills the air.
9 hellfire burns riders
10 riders weakened

More beasts leap out of the stables. Furious, they swarm the Baron. Baynat swipes at the beasts as they run past and shreds one of them dead.
11 more beasts from the stables
12 swarm the baron

The adventure party battled hard and made meat puddles out of the beasts. Longwang leaped up to the rooftop and took out the goblins who had been raining down arrows upon us from above.

13 taking the roof

The battle continued… stay tuned for more Starsailor Chronicles next week… perhaps we will find out what happened to Mithruin… is he alive, dead, undead… or worse?!?

14 tune in next week


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