Krayden's Pass Adventurers

The dragon's lair

After the heroes recovered from the harrowing battle with the human guards and the traps of gravehound beasts laying wait in pits below they discovered a concealed natural door.

Erevan with his wits about him decided to risk its opening through a strange device where he saw stains in a long chamber that his arm would surely fit securely into the shoulder. He was immediately pinned there as the wrong levers were pressed. His arm was pierced deep and held in place and with each wrong entry the pins grew larger, tearing th ebone and flesh of the poor adventurer. His companions rushed to search the room and soon found as time was running out the key to the code. as it was entered the wall cracked and slowly pivoted to reveal a darkness ahead. The group not waiting to rest ventured in and soon discovered a bound gnome witch. Her clothes torn, her feet and hands bound. she was in an unconscious state as Arknaught began to ply his medical training to ascertain her condition. the others though scouted ahead at this time.

Mappo shed light throughout his body with but a mental command as the shardling burst into luminescence. That group moving forward soon discovered the shadows of the walls were hiding their own form of danger. Rakuul , even though concealed from sight was not able to avoid its keen othersenses. It slipped from the shadows, a beast of the darkness in the shape of a dark cloaked humanoid with vicious daggers and bulbous, sightless eyes. It struck from the darkness and as easily stepped back into the shadowfell. The battle hardened group fought other such foes and Rakuul was lost to the depths of the subteranean lake in the cavernous room.

As the heroes moved with backs to the water to avoid the sneakthief’s attacks soon found they alas were not the only danger. A jet of acid soon let them realize this folly as the true master of the lair rose from the depths to spray it’s acidic breathe all over them. They soon were engaged by this new foe, a young black dragon. It’s eyes were ravaged by a claw from the past and as they battle for their very lifes , it began to weaken with each sliced attack, bolt of eldritch energy or the mind assaults from the shardling. At last it saw no hope for winning and sought escape. The Shardling cast forth a spell of slumber though and brought the black dragon to the ground. It was then frozen in place and with the continued efforts of those still able to wield their implements of war , it was finally slain. the part fully rested and claiming all of the young dragon’s horde recovered the satchel and an ancient map along with a mysterious jewel box with no way to ope. They returned after another three days to then return to Krayden’s pass to return the satchel and receive their bounty


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