Krayden's Pass Adventurers

The Star Sailor Chronicles...

(OOC Game night Sept 7)

Lady Blu had blacked out from heat exhaustion in the desert. When she came to, her party explained what she had missed;

  • The wyvern potion had been created, but had not brought the girl out of her coma. She had black eyes and blood coming from her mouth as she thrashed about. She was possessed!
  • In order to save her we had to enter the Shadowfeld, and we had lost all sense of time.
  • We were fighting a demon.
  • We will die & lose our souls if we fail in our mission.
  • Erevan was more and more familiar and unable to grasp memory.
  • A 3 story building, black barn with double doors, stain glass.
  • Dax climbed the fence, Mithruin tried to pick the lock, physics in this place were skewed…perhaps projecting our thoughts?
  • Dax slipped on a puddle of blood. Writhing masses!
  • Left staircases, tapestries, 4 sets of armor in hall.
  • Mithruin investigates suit of armor, claw from wall.
  • Dax cranks Mithruin, people are fighting each other
  • 3 spectres
  • defeated

Erevan opens the door and we see total darkness inside. He pokes his sword in and pulls it back to see a piece of it is gone! Mappo sticks his finger in, pulls it back and is fine. He drops everything but his robe and steps in. He disappears from sight.
Lord Baron follows. Dax prays & slides through darkness with a red light around him. When he passes through he sees Lord Baron’s body prone, Mithruin is totally splat as well. He sees Geddran carrying Mappo & sliding off to the side. In the distance he sees a door.
Dax goes back to the door and calls through – no one on the other side hears him. Those who are prone all have their possessions.
Having notices prayer gestures, Lady Blu prays “Shiallia, I pray that you might cast down your light from the skies”
Everyone else goes into the darkness, connected like a daisy chain. Dax leads us towards the dark door on the far side.
At the door… we enter a plateau. We see lots of bodies & skeletons on a floating platform, like islands in the sky leading towards a mountain with a cave. Each gap between floating islands is 10 feet.
Lady Blu flies across. Dax leaps and sinks up to his shoulders in quick sand!
A rope is thrown to him, but he can’t reach for it. Mithruin jumps in and is up to his waist sinking. He ties rope around him but no one has the other end! LoL
Longwang hops on the edige, grabs on the edge of the island and sees things moving around under the sand.
Lady Blu perceives that there is a change in terrain ahead; identifies solid ground!
She ties off a 50ft rope around Baynat’s waist and speaks beast to convey her plan to him. The adds Geddran’s 100ft rope and anchors the end to the door frame. Baynat executes Lady Blu’s plan; making an acrobatic leap as far out as he can possibly go. he lands and partially sinks into quick sand. Lady Blu sprinkles pixie dust on him and he is pulled from the muck & flies to where the terrain changes to solid ground!
He acts as an anchor to the rope, which now extends 2.5ft above the ground and stretches across the quick sand pit. Allies can now scale across the pit. mithruin can reach it and Dax is the only one still in jeopardy. Suddenly he is grabbed by the ankles and sucked under the sand.
He is attacked from below. Nicetats tries to attack but misses. The creature breaks through the surface and attacks Geddran. It shreds the rope and pulls him with acid damage. the rope is left dangling while the creature disappears. Geddran is under the surface and can see him.
Erevan uses his amulet – burst of fire – rams into the door, it is ablaze, the ropes light on fire and fall away.
Lady Blu takes Nicetats’ rope and ties it to Baynat, dropping extra rope above the arches. Dax resurfaces and grabs the rope. Mappo levels the creature prone. (OOC: Double crit with Phantam Chasm!)
Across a path of fire… we climb down rope to see what looks like Longwang’s monk friend in an area of rough terrain.
Lady Blu calls out to her, but she stares blankly. A pictogram from the floor rises up; a dragon shadow, which is killed by Erevan.
Dax attacks Mithruin.
Erevan attacks Geddran.
Dax continues to attack Mithruin.
Lady Blu approaches the girl and touches her. She feels cold, something is ripping at Lady Blu’s soul.
Lord Baron approaches and attacks the enemy within, hoping to get at whatever is possessing her. He sees a creature behind her; a demonic gnoll!
Lady Blu lets out a battle cry; “We see you demon, prepare to die!” A flurry of battle ensues, in the midst of which the strange infighting continues.


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