Krayden's Pass Adventurers

The Star Sailor Chronicles Continue!

(OOC Game night May 18)

The battle continues…

We explore the area below the monastery and find an ornately decorated room. Two sets of cylinders on top of a raised pedestal. The pedestals are identical, very old, in front of three circular holes that seem to fit a cylinder. One person could hold 1 cylinder at a time. Erevan wonders aloud if one might have more dust than another. We notice there is a ton of dust on the entire thing. Mappo determines it is six ages old (6,000 yrs) he dusts it with mage hand and reveals a fresco of monks fighting creatures. This is teaching us the pictoral history of the monks, across the ceiling of the room.

Lady Blu picks one up, lifts it… tries another, cannot lift it… picks up 1st again and drops it in the hole. Lady Blu and Baynat suddenly disappear!

Erik Vi’Lar picks up one and drops it… he disappears!
Mappo… ditto for him!

Everyone in turn repeats this action and… disappears.

Longwang and Lord Red Baron reappear in the room. The cylinder is replaced with ancient scroll case tied with a red ribbon with a silver key & tag with a symbol on it.

Lady Blu reappears (without Baynat!!!) in a new room. It appears to be an area for testing… a statue of a monk is bowed over. Lady Blue completes a puzzle successfully and is awarded by teleporting back into the first room with an ancient scroll case.
May19 3 lady b puzzle

The others face similar challenges…

May19 6 puzzle
May19 2  puzzle
May19 5 mithruin puzzle

Mappo appears and each in turn reappear in the center of the room. We are rewarded with new powers.
May19 6 all step on symbols

We each step onto the symbol which corresponds with our scroll’s symbol and an ENERGY PORTAL appears.
May 19 energy portal

Longwang collects all of the scrolls and secures them inside his backpack. We go through the portal and reappear on the other side. We are outdoors! We see a lot of skeletons!!
Energy portal flip side

They have bows, swords & shields and beyond the skeletons we see glowing fire skeletons. Dax lays an armor of faith upon the party to increase our strength and we charge towards a nearby bridge. Everyone on the bridge we battle bravely.

Fire skeletons

Full skeleton battle

(OOC Game night May 31)

The battle rages on and we valiantly defeat the final skeleton foes.

May31 1

Suddenly in the distance, fading in from the mist, we see a SKELETON ARMY approaching! There is no way we will defeat such a swell of enemies, our time appears to be up! The Master leading the army yells; “These strangers have entered our land. DEAL WITH THEM.” he disappears and the skeletons cheer “Your will be done!”

May31 2

Without warning, a crack of thunder splits the sky and a golden ball of fire obliterates the skeletons. A huge angel crashes to the ground before us, wearing golden armor that is ablaze with a golden fire. The angel lays dead and a pool of radiant energy rips apart the skeletons.
Another angel appears and says “Come with me, I will protect you”

He disappears, there is a huge explosion then he reappears with his wing blown off. He disappears again and reappears – he is struggling, something has him by the throat! a huge demon is revealed. The demon says “You have broken the covenant, your life is forfeit”, and then the demon snaps off the angel’s head and chucks it into the river!

May31 5

Another angel appears and grabs Erevan, grabs all of us, and we disappear. As we are teleported we are knocked unconscious.

When we awaken…


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