Krayden's Pass Adventurers

The Star Sailor Chronicles... Lady Blu reborn

(OOC: Game night Oct 19)

Lady Blu is very happy to be alive.
Baynat admires Longwang for having revived Lady Blu from certain death.

Having rested, we decide to move on.
We enter the next room. There are strange smells in the room. Erevan smells acrid burnt flesh, damp earth, sulphur, brimestone, rot/decay, as soon as he enters.
Dax advances into room and immediately takes fire damage, then teleports & reappears with scars, black flame, consuming him.
Erevan looks to see if there is anything unique about the stones… in front of him a magic font is scrawled. It takes all of his concentration not to step on it – he felt compelled to step forward onto it.
Mappo takes a look and steps forward, suffering the same fate as Dax.
Lady Blue flies in and suffers acid damage, reappearing with vicious scars.
We discover that we must close our eyes to avoid being compelled to step forward onto the traps. We smell the stones and each has a different, distinct odor; acrid, burnt flesh, damp earth, sulphur, brimestone, rot/decay and stone… regular stone is determined to be safe.
Lady Blu instructs Lunar to sniff out a safe pathway. Lunar is successful, for the most part, and makes a clear path to a point where Lady Blue passes through a shimmery waterfall of energy & teleports away. Everyone follows.

In the next room, there is water in the centre of the room. Naturally, Mithruin jumps right in and his flames go out. He gets sucked underwater.
Arknaught, Alouudin, Mappo all sink like a rock.
The rest manage to tread water. Dax is wearing full armor and has to use his best athletic move to leverage his pickaxe to hook the edge and pull himself up.
Lady Blu suffers complete exhaustion from treading water and passes out.


(OOC: Game night Nov 2)

Room 1: Grotesque alien born figure, 2 shackle sacrifice tables
Mappo gets lashed to mechanism and if he’d been human, his bones would have been shattered.
Mouth on statue is now open.
Mappo turns into shards and teleports away
Dax gets next door open
Blast of dust, smells of the desert & sulphur
2 figures
Absorbed magic into metal armor (unknown alloy)
Dax goes in (stun) and doesn’t come back.
Alouudin enters room, when he sees figures… stunned.
Mappo stunned, Geddran stunned
Mappo sets area on fire
They die & EXPLODE!
Around corner, whole new group of creatures.
Dax attacks Lady Blu…kills her & Dax is also killed
Laughing, the baddies flip open cabinet, we see pipes come up & one of them starts playing dirgy funeral style music.

When Lady Blu is revived, they recount what transpired:

  • Mappo gave away his hand for information about the metal
  • Arknaught exchanged his heart for something stronger and better (?!)
  • Erevan was compelled to eat… with ravenous hunger. It was delicious
  • Mappo gave them the knowledge of everything that was going on in the world
  • We were all allowed to take our body weight in gold from the treasure trove. (Crap, Lady Blu is so light!)
  • We did math to figure out how much gold we could each carry (based on volume, carrying capacity & encumbrance) ouch, math is hard!
    More stuff happened when Lady Blu was passed out, but these are apparently the highlights they shared, and thankfully Lady Blu, Baynat and Lunar all still have 10 fingers and toes!


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