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The Star Sailor Chronicles...More, oh yes, MORE!

(OOC: Game night Sept 21)
2 months later…
We have restored the monastery
Hadrian Calamus (Hayyydriaaan!) from Brothers of the Enclave comes looking for Mappo (he’s not here)
He asks to meet, he is having terrible visions. We are almost broke.
I have been working with rituals that divine different dimensions, I’ve woken with strange scrawlings in my own hand. Words repeating;
Place of power
Vast magic for the taking
seek Karavakos
I’m too frail to go on adventure by myself. You may be able to uncover the meaning. Would you be my proxies? I can offer to pay you 2,500 gold pieces & powerful items from coffers of our vault. Here is a map drawn during a fevered dream.

We agree to take on this quest.
2 weeks travel to jungle where map points to.
We prepare an equipment list and gain needed supplies.
Our plan: to travel through the forest to the jungle. from there, the map does not show further.

We make our way.

We see a hammer come flying out from the woods and it clocks Dax. Two daggers come flying out and hit Lady Blu in the shoulder, narrowly missing Erevan. We see a dragon break through the trees charging towards us. It goes to eat Erik Vi’Lar’s face.
It is killed.
2 ragged humans come out at us and three dwarves join th eattack. They fight with war hammers but are dirty, ragged & emaciated.
One of them says “Lets kill them. We can take their stuff & finally get out of here”
Erevan swings, threatens and intimates them – “What are you doing?!” he yells. They ignore him and battle on.
Baynat flattens one of the dwarves (literally lays on him) and Lady Blu intimidates him. “You are going to tell us why you are here and why you are fighting or I’ll unleash my companions upon you.”
The dwarf coughs under Baynat’s weight and utters that they are prisoners of war.
Mithruin bites him & draws some blood. Lady Blu says “See what happens when you don’t answer fast enough?”
The dwarf cries “Stop, stop attacking, we give up!”
The other dwarves try to run away & disappear into the woods, but they are slaughtered. the humans surrender. We are left with 2 humans, a dwarf and a male tiefling.

A ghost appears in the field and blasts & kills our prisoners! It says; “My friends, I’m here to help you” and then disappears.

“Hey what’s that?” Erevan notices a small shining object in the distance; a metal pyramid.
We head towards it.
We touch it, and the pyramid of shadows expands so fast that it crushes against us and knocks us unconscious. We awaken inside a dimly lit room.
there are 4 passage ways. We see a pit 40ft x 40ft with bones and garbage around the rim of the pit. We see a hulking 2 headed monster walking around the room.
In giant, Mithruin says “Friend or foe?”
One head says to the other “Oooo, It’s head is just what I need on my wall, I don’t have a minotaur yet.”
We look around and see trophy heads on his walls. He swings down at us with his cleaver.
Battle begins!
Longwang & Erevan get knocked into a pit; Erevan gets out & Longwang uses his superior athletics to leap out. There are tentacles below, one comes up and slaps Dax. Erik Vi’Lar knocks him into the pit.
“Trophies, stop moving! Argh!”

(OOC: Game night Oct 5)

Lady Blu had been knocked out cold. Her allies revive her and bring her up to speed on what happened after she fell into unconsciousness;

  • Kravacakos
  • Map – immense power; treasure, etc
  • Jungle/Forest – bandit encounter, Teifling appearance
  • Pyramid – room of bones, giant figth, caught in pit

There are 4 passage ways, we take the south west passage.
we are attacked by bolts of energy – it’s a trap!
Dax advances, on tile, a blue flame billows up and singes his body.
Geddran goes through a dimension door and reappears ravaged by blades.
We make it through the hall and enter a new room; 4 giant statues, gem encrusted pillars, mirrors and suddenly the doors close behind us.
Gem encrusted pillars giants

Eyes of the statues flicker.
Dax checks – the pillars cannot be moved.
Eyes of the statues glow brighter.
Mithruin sets a fire in the drum. The crystals start to flicker
We add oil to the fire, the fire gets bigger.
the statues start to move, eyes fully open
Lord Baron relates blood findings; old & dry under block
Alouudin pours his own blood, from his hand and it now spins easily
Inner workings in between tracks of squares
We determine this must be a type of REFLECTION PUZZLE – targets green column, flashes and crystal goes out.
Statues start walking into the centre
Lady Blu is killed.
Conan the Jedi is killed.
Light shines on mirror, lights up script in Abyssal; say words to reset event, doors open, fist sized purple crystal!
By the way… “No one is hungry or thirsty”
Longwang brings Lady Blu back to life. Now Baynat really likes him!
Geddran brings Conan back to life.
We rest.
Mithruin stands guard while we sleep.
While we slept… something happened to our life force. We lose 1 permanent healing surge.


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