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(OOC Game night June 28)

When we awaken…

The angel who took us away from battle stands 12 feet tall before us. She speaks to us in our minds and explains that we have damaged the covenant. The angel introduces herself as Iladrial of the Saleen. She tries to bring us up to speed:

You are ending this time in the wheel & start again. You must not allow any further damage to the covenant. Find the rod and its pieces. Be patient. The rod, when assembled, will be the key to the next step in the path. Iladrial is the last. Do not trust your eyes/ears. Learn to enhance your abilities. Start in a place of safety. Go back and grow your abilities. You are not ready to face your foe yet.

She shimmers and reveals her true form, writhing in pain.

I have left you a keystone on the Dutchie of the Nine Blades" with Abu Darsail, which will lead you to the next keystone. The next keystone allows you to reuse the gates. Sends you back to the gate where you started from.

She glows an azure blue and screams.


The floor starts dropping away. We seem to be ripped apart from reality. She explodes as we enter the portal.
As we leave the portal we are not in a place we recognize. It is a nice sunny day. Erevan checks the sky and the foliage matches the type of landscape we are used to. We explore the first set of ruins and see a humanoid scout with bow walking up along the upper tier. It appears to be a goblin!

Lady Blu flies to see the area with the scout, but is spotted! The arrow missed, the 2nd arrow hits her. She spirals to the ground with a minor flesh wound, but decides to play possum. The scout turns back to his post, satisfied. Another scout from below steps out from the ruins and walks out in the direction of where Lady Blu crashed. He is really focused on the ground where he is walking, possibly there are traps or mines hidden around the ruins. Erevan alerts us to his perception on the matter.

Erik Vi’Lar charges in, crunching the ground, he makes an athletic jump, trying to avoid a trap as the ground collapses to reveal a spike pit. He manages to avoid being impaled but he is unable to climb out of the pit. The top of the spikes look like they are coated in silver.
A scout within the ruins beats upon a large GONG – sounding an alarm!
Baynat is driven slightly bonkers by the sight of Lady Blu crashing to the earth, he leaps across the pit to aid his mistress. Lady Blu uses her pixie dust to allow Erik Vi’lar to fly up and out of the pit. Baynat lays his kung fu on a goblin who was trying to strike Lady Blu, and bloodies him. Lady Blu socks him with a Well of Light and finishes him off. She soul steps over to Baynat (teleport) and flies over to the gong and before the goblin scout can lay another blow upon it, she SHRINKS it!

Looking across the clearing, there are 20-30 goblins coming to battle. We decide to run into the forest and retreat to a nearby settlement (we see smoke stacks in the distance). We retreat into the forest.

Just beyond the tree-line, we cross a path that is 3 feet wide covered with silver. A ring around the area and the goblins in pursuit come to a dead stop at this point. They stop, look down and then run back from where they came. We wonder what is the significance of the silver? is it protection? if so, against what?
We decide not to rest and continue towards the smoke stacks. We eventually come across a small town.

(OOC Game night July 13)

In the town, we meet Ulmar Lightborn, a dwarf who tells us about large creatures in the forest (hobgoblins) who have erected a barrier of some kind. They have made 30 10ft wood fence posts. They’ve taken something very precious from the townsfolk and they want our help to get it back. There are 5 people in the town, they ask our assistance in breaking the barrier. they seem to be somewhat emaciated. The barrier makes them sick/weak. One tall Icelandic looking man complains to the dwarf “Our clan leader will not be happy you are bringing strangers into our business” he seemed totally pissed off, and stormed back inside the shelter. A woman, wearing light furs, appears with another tall man. She is wearing a fetish necklace with a carved stone pendant and eagle feathers. Perhaps she is a young holy woman? She has a dark complexion and strange almond shaped eyes. She introduces herself as Stormcaller.
Lady Blu whispers concern to Erevan; hard to say what that barrier is for, what if it is protection from these people rather than from hobgoblins? Could they be werewolves? There is a half moon overhead.
The woman tells us that the object taken was a sacred “relic”. Without it they will all die. The hobgoblins are trying to subvert its power. A younger fellow comes out of the house and offers us food. Longwang, Arknaught, Lord Baron and Erevan accept the sustenance. We sleep and are refreshed. We devise a signal to let the townsfolk know we were successful in breaking the barrier. The silver path is 3ft wide and 2ft deep. Erevan suggests a strategy where we attack it with a plow attached to Mithruin. We all agree to a dig method on the opposite side of the clearing. Mithruin starts digging the silver layer from the ground. After several rounds of digging we clear a significant amount, and must stop to rest.
We see a hobgoblin on patrol with a spear…we attack and the sentry is quickly dispatched.
We see hobgoblins pouring our from the ruins. The 5 townsfolk from the village race through the cleared pathway and run towards the hoard of hobgoblins. They morph into werewolves!
A huge battle ensues.
During the battle we see one hobgoblin starts to change shape – it appears they have stolen the power of lycanthropy! Stormcaller, the pack mistress raises her hands and scorches the hobgoblins with lightning. The head hobgoblin beats upon his shield three times and the goblin mob cheers. We battle on, and take a fair bit of damage, many of us were bloodied and beaten.
We finish off the minions and the werewolves shred them to pieces. One werewolf goes into a frenzy, the other werewolves grab and hold him down until he is calm. Mithruin asks for help to be lowered by rope into a pit to recover the silver stakes. He gets a handful of them. The werewolves start changing back, except the dwarf who remains a wolf.
Lady Blu inspects a cage within the ruins. There is a dog-like creature inside with glowing eyes & sliver fur.
We realize the relic has a centerpiece of metal that we’ve seen before (the angel told us we needed a lot of this material to make it further).
Lady Blu communicates with the dog creature and finds out he is injured, he is a “moon-dog”, a fey beast with special abilities. Mithruin gives him some rations to help improve his health. Erik Vi’Lar grabs the relic. Alouudin asks Stormcaller what is special about the relic. She explains that it makes her people what they are. He asks where her people come from; she says the shadow of the moon, now we walk the earth. Erik Vi’Lar picks up and attempts to hid the Wolf Skin Armor (AWKWARD!) There is also a Belt, Bolts, a wand with runes, a purple potion, a green cloudy vial, gloves, 300 gold pieces and 3 rubies cut in excellent condition.
Lady Blu is thrilled that the moon-dog will be joining her. She tells the group; I call him “Lunar”, he will follow me until he finds his family.
Mithruin searches the barrels for treasure. In the grain barrel he finds a satchel with 2 rings and an amulet. The owlbear eats salted fish from a barrel and starts choking on it. Lady Blu pulls it out and discovers a long key inside! Also caught in his beak are a pair of boots for very small feet.
Longwang tries on the boots and they change shape & conform to his feet. He feels like he has better balance. Mithruin tells us about the rings (keeps the amulet to himself). We find weapons, one that looks particularly vicious. Mithruin takes the gloves, Erik the wolf armor, Longwang the boots, Lady Blu the wand and rings (for Mappo) and Lord Baron the crossbow bolts, the Stave is taken by Alouddin.
We decide to let them have the relic. Stormcaller gives us each a coin token which looks like a rough sand dollar. She tells us if we break it, they will come to our assistance. It is like a werewolf S.O.S. “Break it and we will find you”
The rod piece slips from our grasp, but we could always break the coin and have them return to us should we need it.
We wait one week for the portal to reappear. We eat food from the barrels, we refresh ourselves and when the portal finally appears, we all go through it.

We appear back at the monastery’s lower level.

We go to find the body of the head mistress & 3 under her are all gone. This is surprising because all of the other bodies are still there in the monastery! Alouudin and Mithruin stay and give monks a proper burial. Longwang & Lady Blu decide to travel to Krayden’s Pass for supplies & to sell off some of our treasure. We discover that the horse to the horse & cart we “borrowed” is gone. We will have to repay 1,000 gold for the horse. We get Baynat to pull the cart back with Longwang and Lady Blu riding along. Once we arrive to Krayden’s Pass, we find out that the girl in the city is still alive, but in a coma. No one knows what to do, she is very weak. We know that it was a poison, but not sure of the cure. Apothecary doesn’t know what ails her. Longwang describes the poison… with information given the apothecary thinks he can make an antidote. The Antidote requires: (1) the poison of a wyvern and (2) venom sack of king cobra. The apothecary can sustain her now he knows what it is, but needs these 2 things in order to cure her. Possible sources; People on docks (15 days away), Castle (more unusual things (15 days away) or Dutchie of Nine Blades (2 – 4 weeks away & new territory for us)
We visit Merissa Lighte, ask if she knows about rings & sell her 2 rubies. We sell other items & gain supplies.

(OOC Game night Aug 10)

We head out to find wyvern or king cobra – we travel through the desert towards the Dutchie of Nine Blades.
As we cross the desert, we come across merchant routes and eventually see Preying Mantis type humanoids chattering & walking around. There are bones scattered around. The travel in the desert has affected Lady Blue, Dax, Arknaught and Geddran.
Dax intimidates the creatures. One laughs and says “I’m not as weak as I look, now get out of my way.” We notice 2 large snakes fighting each other… maybe they have the venom sacks we need?!

Geddran & Mithruin speak with the creatures; inquire about the snakes and find out the “big ones” come out at night. They say too many strangers come to the desert lately. Mappo casts a spell that makes them believe we are friends & can be trusted.
We ask them to show us where to find the biggest snakes. They take us later that night to a hatchling challenge. We complete the challenge successfully, they will take us to the cavern “in there” (point to a big hole!). Mappo thanks our new friends. Dax leads us into the dark cavern, he uses his superior athletics to hop down 20 feet with rope attached to him. He makes it to the bottom.
Baynat & Lunar stay up top to hold the rope in place. Mithruin heads down into the hole. Dax is illuminated by Mappo. He can see snakes ahead in the pit, making their way towards the light. Dax notices there are lots of big holes along the walls. Before the snakes make it to Dax, Mappo casts a sleep spell on 7 of them.


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