Krayden's Pass Adventurers



(OOC: Game night May 4, 2012)
We return to the story of our adventure party, who were in the midst of a great battle to take back control of Longwang’s childhood Monastery….

Another wave of beast riders was upon us. The rain had created an added challenge for us, making the grass wet and certain areas of the battle field very difficult terrain to traverse. My trusty owlbear companion, Baynat, was clawing at the beasts. He successfully bloodied one and then killed a goblin ranger with his bare paws (hehe). The beast riders were very persistent, laying blows upon us.

Lady blu pre kaboom

Seeking a better vantage point, I leapt up onto a cart that had a few barrels on it. Before I could cast my next bolt, a ranger on the rooftop flung a firey arrow upon the barrels and KABOOM! they went up in a huge fireball. This caused alot of grief and pain to myself and poor Baynat, who retaliated with such a frenzy that he bloodied his next foe.

The wolves swarmed Erik Vi’Lar.

Linc surrounded

Suddenly I felt a mighty boon from the universe and I was bestowed with special powers. I let out a mighty battle command: “Get ’Em Baynat!!!” and the fierce owlbear leapt through the air (who knew owlbears could fly?!), shimmied a groovy boog-a-loo while swiping his claws around in a frenzied flapping motion. He killed one of the beast riders, then leapt back to my side. I could scarcely believe my own eyes at Baynat’s newly discovered talents!

Before entering the monastery

With the beast riders and rangers on the rooftops slain, our party advanced into the monastery.
Baynat used his mighty strength to once again break down the solid door.
I flew towards the entrance, and much to my shagrin, a strong gust of wind knocked me into the fountain! CURSES!!

Glub glub glub.

By the time I had climbed out of the great water fountain and dried off my wings, the adventure party had returned from their explorations within the monastery. They shared sad tidings of the untimely deaths of all the monks within. We had not been able to save them after all.

With nothing learned from this battle, since none of our foes had been questioned/tortured or allowed to live… the only curious discovery was that of a secret stair way leading down below the monastery, which even Longwang himself had not been aware of its existence.


malfeous Tink

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