Krayden's Pass Adventurers

New cornerstone

The wheel must turn again she said….
The strange figure with no face, her hair a flowing star scape and the seamless Armour she wore was all very unsettling to the adventurers.

The fight against the demon summoned by the kobold sorcerers was taxing but none of this made sense. Their ability to comprehend the events was stretched to say the least. In the now pristine , yet dull grey formless walled room they now stood a large alabaster table with a setting for each of them was all that could be seen besides the woman. As each person sat, their goblets filled as did their plates with their heart’s favorite dish. The contentment felt from lightly imbibing or tasting the dishes was euphoric to the heroes.

“You are my champions” she said. " you will be the champions of order now and again as has been before."

Few other questions were asked as she sat there motionless and devoid of further speech other than that concept. As the heroes decided they were accepting of her words they faded back to the room they were in before, the signs of the fresh battle all about them as they stood there.

The “branch” Mappo had been carrying renewed its bright burst of light and as it destroyed the demon they had slain it then segmented and embedded a shard of itself in each present, what can this mean? Perhaps we will know sometime soon.
Work possibly found.....
After some time in the Grey Gander our heroes head off to recover more information about the whereabouts of the missing envoy and the important parcel he carried. After half a day of fruitless searching they discover a ransacked camp after nightfall. As the Minotaur approached the slain bodies rise of their own accord and soon it is discoverred they were never dead at all. The ambushers slain after a battle they should never have initiated with our heroes left the group to investigate the sceen. A few keen observations and the party decides Kobolds were the theives of the parcel, they head off into the wooded trail soon discovered and there the story shall resume…..
The start of a new day

You have all gathered together for a few smaller adventures now. You know that each will have the others back in times of need currently and that is enough for now. As your funds have slowly been drained to near non existence you all make your way to the local eatery The Grey Gander.
The waitress has taken your orders, or lack there of and the last sumptuous feast for a while is set before you all. The glum talk seems rather focused, you need to find a good paying job or you all might have to give up the title of “adventurer” for something far less exciting like “book keeper” or “stable keep”.
The final round of drinks is set on the table and with it the foreboding bill for the meal as well. Your group gathers the last of its meager remaining funds and sets them on the table. The early sun breaks through the Gander’s window as you decide what to do next….

Hail brave adventures!

Hi all
This is your first reminder to make your characters. I have been reviewing those made up to now and your group is definitely an interesting bunch. I hope to see the rest soon so I can start plotting and planning the adventures ahead!

If you have any questions, shoot me an email or let me know I will be glad to help


Hiho, hiho, it's off to Krayden's Pass we go.
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