The Histories of the Duchies

The Histories of the Duchies of Devontry

The land is one of mystery, magic and adventure. There are three main continents that are sub divided into the rulers lands .

Those with scholarly knowledge know more than what is said here as you have not traveled far yet during your lifetimes.

The Duchy of Lord Jarrod Kendrick , known as the Duchy of the Ten Hills, is what we will speak of first.

Lord Jarrod has succeeded his father’s ruler ship for over 32 years since his passing. Lord Harrold the Stout has died of natural causes when an ailment slowly vexed his aged body and after 2 years of bouts of the illness , he finally passed.

Jarrod was only 16 when this tragedy occured and was helped in his ruling duties by his senechal, Varrick Hathmoore, until he was ready to make a king’s decisions on his own.

He has since expanded the duchy twice with a successful campaign against the Duchy of Ashen Men, ruled by the Viscount Eldrathamere Rex. Eldrathamere is an Eladrin who has the support of the grand wizards of Travik, an order of mages who practice necromancy and other eldritch rites. The battle lasted seven years and with constant harrowing, Eldrathmere was defeated and the expansion to the Gorge of Souls was created to thwart his future attempts to regain his lost lands. The magic that was employed to create the zone of radiant energy keeps any form of necrotic energy from passing and is strengthened daily by the Conclave to ensure this never is sundered.

The second conquest of Jarrod was the establishment of a pass through the Dragon’s Teeth, a fearsome mountain range that was impassable previously. Unfortunately what was found on the other side was the now named Duchy of Nine Blades. This wondrous and dangerous land is fraught with perils and riches beyond belief. The army of Jarrod was met with fierce opposition in the form of the nomadic tribes that existed on the other side. They saw this as a conqueror they needed to repel to protect their lands and the tribes rallied together to defeat the superior numbers of men from the west.
Jarrod though with wisdom worked hard to convince these men that war was not the answer and has since created treaties allowing the Nine Blades to rule how they see fit as long as they allow trade through Krayden’s pass to continue.

Jarrod is now in his late forties and with a successor born to him in the form of a boy named Jaccob there is talk that his time and rule will surely pass along soon.

The Nine Blades are currently ruled by Renthik the Martast , a half Troll warrior barbarian that is said to stand eleven feet tall and half as wide. He is the holder of the first blade by right of strength he is their leader
The tolerance of all races represented in the lands is expected in the Duchy but like any place in the frontier, prejudice abounds for certain races more than others.

The Conclave is an order of magic users who hone their skills in the main kingdom and seek to work as a group to strengthen themselves as a whole

Statistically speaking the races are represented as follows ;
Humans,Dwarves,Elves,Dragonborn,Eladrin,Gnomes, and Halflings. After this many other ethnicities are in smaller numbers such as Gensai and Tieflings.

As for Krayden’s Pass? Well let us say its been an interesting place to grow but your yearning for adventure only increases with each passing day as strange wares and merchants pass from the Nine Blades Duchy.

The Wards, an order of Paladins that follow the goddess of travels, ensure the stockaded settlement remains safe as best they can. As always in such a frontier and in such a land things happen!

The Sheriff and the Burgomeister work hard daily to ensure the lands remain safe but lately more and more attacks by the denizens surrounding the settlement grow.

A great time to adventure but also a perilous time as well

The Histories of the Duchies

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