Krayden’s Pass Adventurers rejoice!

Hi All

It is Malfeous your humble story teller wanting to let you know that this is a place to recap adventures and to learn about the world your characters are playing in. Lets all have fun and feel free to add as little as you like as this is a resource for you all

We will be using the d and d home campaign for your character selections. all arrays are fine , choose what will suit you best. Anything that is allowed in this set is allowed to play, but be aware choices like race,religion and ethics will come into play. If you choose a race that is not liked you will have to deal with that prejudice in game as well. If you choose a favored god you might get perks as one if its chosen. That is just a few examples of consequence of choices Also there will be nights with no preset rooms, sometimes you will wander a dungeon and then I will need a few minutes to set up the room while you plan your course of starting actions. Please be patient and we will set up as quick as possible.

I will ask for a few simple questions to be answered between sessions , please reply so I can cater the events to help everyone feel engaged and have fun

Any questions? Have an idea for your character? Feel free to email directly at and I will do my best to respond


Krayden's Pass Adventurers

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