Krayden's Pass Adventurers

The start of a new day

You have all gathered together for a few smaller adventures now. You know that each will have the others back in times of need currently and that is enough for now. As your funds have slowly been drained to near non existence you all make your way to the local eatery The Grey Gander.
The waitress has taken your orders, or lack there of and the last sumptuous feast for a while is set before you all. The glum talk seems rather focused, you need to find a good paying job or you all might have to give up the title of “adventurer” for something far less exciting like “book keeper” or “stable keep”.
The final round of drinks is set on the table and with it the foreboding bill for the meal as well. Your group gathers the last of its meager remaining funds and sets them on the table. The early sun breaks through the Gander’s window as you decide what to do next….


malfeous malfeous

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