Rules Errata

Game Rules Errata

Reward system (pending)
There will be an additional reward system in play that will award tokens that can be redeemed for one time bonuses
You can accumulate a max of ten tokens
2 tokens may be traded to another person to reward them with one token
1 token = a +1 to a roll BEFORE you make the roll
3 tokens = an automatic success on any non combat role
5 tokens = a free action point

AFTER a roll
double points to add +
ie add +2 costs 4 bonus points

Also 10 bonus points can be transformed into a bonus gem
3 bonus gems gains a new daily power
5 bonus gems gains an encounter power
7 bonus gems gains a new at will

These may or may not be awarded each session as your good ideas and engagement will dictate

Critical Damage

On a natural roll of 20, damage is critical and maxed (per PHB). Player rolls again. Please then consult crit chart to determine out come

Rules Errata

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